Temporary Land Bridge’s mission is to encounter art practice at its various stages: creation, contextualization, and exhibition. Through interviews, artist writing, and exhibition photo essays, we look to be a platform where artists and their work can be brought to a larger audience.


About the Editors:

Andrea Sherrill Evans and Kirk Amaral Snow are a husband and wife art duo, educators, and the hugest dorks you have ever met (Example: a dork is not actually part of a whale’s anatomy, though you may have heard otherwise).

305244_556149345769_530473249_nAndrea Sherrill Evans is a practicing artist and educator based in Boston, MA. She originally founded Temporary Land Bridge in 2010, and quickly learned she should have gone to stenographer’s school in order to keep it up. When not trying to sneak into other artists’ studios to steal their trade secrets, Andrea voraciously devours podcasts (Transom and Stuff You Missed in History Class are some recent faves)  while drawing and daydreaming. Also, don’t tell her you found good Mexican food in Boston; she won’t believe you.

557718_4681596720542_1631735302_nKirk Amaral Snow’s aesthetics are largely influenced by his early days in Providence, RI spent skateboarding, going to hardcore shows, and engaging in other forms of mild youth rebellion.  While he currently spends his days working in higher ed, his nights and weekends are devoted to his own art practice based in performative and sculptural gestures.  If you could manage to get his iPhone out of his hands, you could see that Kirk consumes a balanced daily diet of blogs ranging from Hyperallergic to Put This On and Lambgoat.

Temporary Land Bridge uses Quicksand, a free font family by Andrew Paglinawan.

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