Erik Benjamins


Erik Benjamins, Honey Hunger Pangs, One-night footnote intervention and graphic redesign of the dinner and drink menu at The Beehive in Boston, MA, 2012


Erik Benjamins, Benjamins Gothic, Typeface designed by Benjamin Critton, 2013


* * *

In case you didn’t figure it out, Erik Benjamins knows how to eat, and eat well. He also happens to be a wonderful writer, and brings that talent to a wide range of experiential pieces.  While his work finds its way to far flung corners of the world by way of the Artists’ Book Cooperative, Erik has decided to settle down in the LA area after a 3 year stint in Boston. I don’t know if he’s a Bad Brains fan, but he sure has that PMA.


Erik Benjamins, Just… (1st ed.), Experimental dissertation of scholarly texts, recipes, travel anecdotes and more, Laser-jet printed, hand-bound artist book with silkscreened dust jacket, Edition of 12, 2012

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